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Aaahhhh Snap! Coffman Vision Clinic has Oakley

Bend, Oregon

Are you a true Bend-ite, everything outdoors is your name? If you are looking for the newest custom eyewear experience, than look no further than Oakley. Coffman Vision Clinic is proud to be Central Oregon’s newest provider of Oakley eyewear. We feature the latest styles in both ophthalmic, and sun wear from Oakley’s technologically advanced lenses and frames.Oakley Prizm technology

Oakley’s latest “Prizm” lens technology allows just the right light for ever changing external conditions. With Oakley we can now isolate certain light rays, while allowing the perfect combination for your sport specific needs. Whether you are reading the green for your eagle shot, cruising down the slopes, riding your favorite mountain bike trail, or fielding a ground ball to stop the winning run from scoring, Oakley has just the lens for you. Road, trail, golf, baseball, snow, or every day, Oakley has you covered.

edge image Oakley OTD

Oakley’s exclusive True Digital Edge technology “OTD” has expanded the limits of wrapped sunglasses. Long gone are the days of having to settle for a flat metal frame because of your high prescription. Now you can have that sport wrapped frame that you have always wanted, combined with Oakley’s single layer polarization, you will always have superior vision.

Come on in to Coffman Vision Clinic today and let us show you what the excitement is about. There are so many amazing options for you to choose from.
See what you have been missing…Oakley Dokley!

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