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Transitions: UV Protection with Style

Transitions: UV Protection with Style


If you are a follower of my articles for Coffman Vision Clinic, you know that they are most often about style, fashion and looking your best. However, eyewear is also about seeing your best AND protecting your eyes. It’s time to get serious… Let’s face it; your eyes are in danger everyday… the sun’s harmful UV rays are out there! Exposure to UV rays can cause short term damage, such as sunburn to your cornea, and long term damage, such as cataracts and damage to your retina. You are not only at risk on a sunny day. UV light can go right through clouds, so it doesn't matter if the sky is overcast.

So let’s get down to business: The old saying goes, “you have to suffer for beauty”.  Style, comfort and safety usually don’t tend to go hand in hand. This is not the case when it comes to your eyewear! With Transition brand lenses you can look good, feel good and protect your eyes from harmful UVA and UVB rays all at the same time. Coffman Vision Clinic offers the whole family of Transitions lenses to help you look and feel your best.

Transition lenses come in many different types and colors. The most common of these is the TRANSITIONS® SIGNATURE VII, which now with the new Chromea 7 technology are more responsive than ever before. This lens is nearly invisible when you are indoors, but tints when exposed to UV rays. These lenses have the quickest adaptation form from clear indoors to fully dark in the brightest sun. They also adapt to the changing conditions outdoors so that the shade you needs matches the brightness outside! These lenses will work with virtually any frame style and prescription. 8 out of 10 people prefer this type of Transition lenses over clear lenses. These lenses are offered in brown and grey.

TRANSITIONS® XTRACTIVE® lenses are an exciting addition to the Transitions family of lenses and have quickly become one of the most popular types! With their unique ability to adapt to both UV and visible light rays, Transitions XTRActive lenses help to lesson that annoying fatigue we all experience when bombarded by light day after day. These lenses even activate to about 50% of their full darkness behind the windshield of the car! This versatility makes Transitions XTRActive a great choice for anyone who doesn’t like to switch to traditional prescriptions sunglasses every time they jump in the car. Another great property of this lens is the light tint that it holds at all times – even indoors – to lessen the glare and strains from harsh indoor lights. Only offered in grey, this is the darkest tinted and most versatile lens offered by Transitions.

TRANSITIONS® VANTAGE™, not only adapt to light the way the traditional Transitions lens does, they also polarize as they darken!  Outdoors, the polarization adjusts to match the level of outdoor glare, which can vary as the day progresses and conditions change. Your favorite pair of glasses can now become your favorite pair of polarized sunglasses! These lenses are available in a grey tint.

Because traditional Transitions lenses do not tint as dark, behind the windshield of a car, as a traditional pair of prescription sun wear,  TRANSITIONS® DRIVEWEAR® SUN LENSES have been included in the Transitions family. As the light and weather conditions change, this lens adapts automatically while driving.  Their NuPolar® polarization removes glare off the road and car hood. Just as other Transitions lenses, these adjust the color and tint of the lenses as light conditions change, providing ideal color and clarity for driving. Indoors, and in overcast conditions, the lenses are a green/yellow color that provide high contrast and minimize glare. When in the car, these lenses change to a copper color, enhancing color recognition and depth perception. In bright outdoor light, the lenses activate to a dark red-brown, filtering excess light to provide maximum comfort. These lenses will work well for anybody who spends a lot of time driving.

Transitions also offer adaptive sun wear. These lenses are made specifically to be worn as sunglasses only. This line of lenses, which are designed to enhance your vision in outdoor sports or activities, is available in many colors that will best suit the specific activity you are doing! These activities include: golf, cycling, shooting range, motorcycle riding, driving, running and water sports. Each activity has a corresponding lens color, and can be made with or without a prescription.

Transitions brand lenses can offer you wonderful protection, while looking awesome at the same time! Whether you want to add a UV shield to your everyday pair of glasses, or you want to look into a new pair of customized sunglasses, we’ve got you – and your eyes – covered! 88% of wearers are completely satisfied with their Transitions lenses – that’s a higher percent of happy users than both Apple and Coca Cola! I, your humble writer, am one of the 88% and am personally endorsing Transitions lenses. I took the vow to protect my eyes from the evil doers – UVA and UVB rays! Will you take the vow as well? Protect your family’s eyes as well as your own, and come on in to Coffman Vision Clinic and ask us how you can turn your eyewear into a UV fighting machine!


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Written by: Brittany Shunk, Optician ABOC, Coffman Vision Clinic